Non-Powered Carts

• Light and Nimble
• Technology-Friendly
• Multiple Configurations
• Solid Core Base

Stronger, Lighter and More Nimble
Than Anything Else Out There

Stronger, Lighter and More Nimble Than Anything Else Out There

Learn what ELE can mean to you.

Kidney Cart

Laptop Cart

PC Cart

Stick Cart

Tablet Cart

Specification Dimensions


Height   |  Adjustable from 46” to 62”
Width   |  22.2”
Depth   |  20.3”
Weight   |  55 lbs


Width   |  21.3”
Depth   |   14.4”
Techbay Dimensions   |  19.5“ X 14” X 2.0”
Material   |   Aluminum


Hi-Capacity Powered Carts


Mid-Capacity Powered Carts

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